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“Craziest F-cker”: Mark Wahlberg Teases First Villain Role In 28 Years In New Mel Gibson Movie



Mark Wahlberg teases his antagonist character in the upcoming Mel Gibson film Flight Risk, which will mark his first villain role since Fear.

Mark Wahlberg teases his villain role in the movie Flight Risk. Flight Risk is an upcoming thriller directed by Mel Gibson. It follows the story of an Air Marshal who is transporting a fugitive on a plane through the Alaskan wilderness on a small plane and begins to suspect that the pilot is not who he says he is.

In addition to Wahlberg,
Flight Risk
stars Michelle Dockery, Topher Grace, and Monib Abhat.

Speaking with Collider, Wahlberg teases his role in Flight Risk. Wahlberg praises his time working on the film, saying that he loves “to work with people who have great talent” such as Gibson. In terms of his character, Wahlberg described the role as “the craziest f*cker you’ve ever seen.” Check out the full quote from Wahlberg below:

It was phenomenal. Really, me being the sponge and loving to work with people who have great talent and to be able to just watch him and be a student for the 20-some-odd days was remarkable. I play the craziest fucker you’ve ever seen. I haven’t played a bad guy since Fear. It’s off the charts.

Why Mark Wahlberg’s Description Makes Flight Risk More Exciting

Andrew Garfield as Private Desmond T. Doss in his soldier's uniform, with dirt and blood on his face in the film Hacksaw Ridge.

Wahlberg plays the Pilot in Flight Risk, who is the character that starts off benign and becomes gradually malicious in his intent. Taking place on a small plane, the Pilot has the potential to hold a lot of power in the movie. An ill-intentioned pilot innately renders Flight Risk a survival story, as the Pilot has control over the safety of his passengers. Furthermore, the close-quarters nature of the story could make this “off the charts” antagonist all the more terrifying.

As Wahlberg mentions, playing a villain is atypical for the actor. He made his first foray into malevolent territory back in 1996, playing an obsessive lover in Fear. Though Fear was early on in his career, he ended up pivoting after that, typically playing action heroes and other lovable protagonists.


The 10 Best Mark Wahlberg Movies, Ranked

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Wahlberg returing to his roots with Flight Risk in a way that sounds enticing from the initial description. Flight Risk is also Gibson’s first directorial project since Hacksaw Ridge, which earned acclaim upon its 2016 release. Hopefully, Flight Risk can live up to its promising expectations as it continues its development and eventually hits theaters.

Source: Collider

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American Idol: Katy Perry REACTS to Nearly LOSING HER TOP on Live TV (Exclusive)



American Idol: Katy Perry REACTS to Nearly LOSING HER TOP on Live TV (Exclusive)

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Under $200 Spring Wedding Guest Dresses



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If you’re headed to a spring wedding, you’re going to need a great wedding guest dress. Sure, all eyes will be on the bride as they walk down the aisle, but what about dinner or the dance floor? Hey, miss best-dressed. That’s your time to shine!

We know your wedding guest attire can depend on the kind of wedding you’re invited to. Our shopping experts have rounded up the best wedding guest dresses for a casual wedding, a spring cocktail wedding, a black-tie wedding, a destination wedding, and beyond.

Before you head down the rabbit hole of florals and pastels from your regular rotation of retailers, know that our spring wedding guest dress selections go beyond run-of-the-mill floral print.

Shop bright spring hues, modern patterns, and unexpected silhouettes from a variety of must-see designers. We’ve found wedding guest dresses from Amanda Uprichard, Few Moda, Saltwater Luxe, Avec Les Filles, and so much more.

Worried about the weather? Spring is actually the perfect season to be a wedding guest. Depending on the wedding location, spring can be cool enough for a long-sleeve dress and satin dresses, or warm enough for a skin-baring mini-dress, a sleeveless maxi dress, or even a spaghetti-strap midi dress if you really wanted to.

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Tommy Lee Mocks Justin Bieber Over His ‘Not So Manly’ Fans




In a new Instagram post, Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee made fun of Justin Bieber for not having tough fans.

The drummer shared a photo of a woman holding a man. The photo had the caption:

“When he listens to Justin Bieber, and she listens to Mötley Crüe.”

Fan Reactions To Tommy’s Post

While some found the post funny, some also saw it as a bad joke due to Bieber’s current depression problems. One user wrote:

“Funniest thing you ever posted.”

Another person said:

“Probably just means the guy is gay.”

One other individual also agreed with what the post suggests:

“She is the one that listens to real music then.”

Another user defended Bieber, writing:

“It’s mean. JB is currently fighting depression, he has experienced a lot of trauma that he has kept to himself for too long, the truth is just starting to come out. I wish him to be happy in his life. He is more mature than you.”

One commenter described Lee as immature:

“You guys were never that good, and you probably can’t dance for sh*t. Dude, you post sh*t like you’re 15 years old. You stopped evolving as a teenager. Go take your Lipitor and call it a night. So embarrassing.”

Lee Actually Listens To Bieber

Previously, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx said Bieber wouldn’t come to their show, but his music still played at the venue. After one of their gigs, Tommy Lee played Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ in his dressing room and surprised witnesses.

Bieber has struggled with mental health issues like depression and anxiety throughout his career. He’s been honest about these struggles. In his American YouTube series ‘Seasons,’ he talked about battling addiction to lean, MDMA pills, and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the early days of his career.

You can see Lee’s post below.

Photo Credit: Tommy Lee – Instagram

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