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4 Sneaky Car Dealership Scams That Will Be Illegal in 2024




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Buying a car can feel like walking through a minefield of shady sales tactics. Some deceitful dealerships have long employed a bag of tricks to nickel-and-dime consumers out of their hard-earned cash. However, a new ruling by the Federal Trade Commission aims to put the brakes on these shady practices once and for all.

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The FTC’s new “Combating Auto Retail Scams” (CARS) rule, set to take effect in July 2024, cracks down on four of the most common scams that car buyers have had to navigate.

Here’s what these slimy tactics look like and how the CARS rule will protect consumers.

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The Bait-and-Switch

You see an ad for your dream car at an unbelievably low price. But when you get to the dealership, the salesperson hits you with the old “just kidding!” They might claim the advertised price was a typo or that the car is no longer available. Their real goal? Using that too-good-to-be-true offer as bait to lure you in, before switching you to a much pricier option.

Under CARS, this bait-and-switch on pricing, discounts, rebates, and inventory will be 100% illegal. Dealers can’t falsely advertise to pull one over on you.

Feeding You Junk Fees

You’ve decided on the car and price, but the paperwork is filled with random fees you never agreed to – things like $500 for “nitrogen-filled tires” or a useless warranty for services your vehicle will never need. These buried “junk fees” can blow up the total cost by thousands.

With CARS in place, dealers must get explicit consent upfront for every single charge. They can’t sneak anything in without your knowledge and approval. You’ll also have the right to refuse any add-ons you don’t want.

Targeting the Troops

Military members have been a frequent target for unscrupulous dealers. They face unique challenges like dealing with relocations and special repossession protections. Shady salespeople often lie about their military affiliation or make false claims about issues service members care about.

CARS makes it illegal for dealers to misrepresent their ties to the military or feed misinformation that could impact active duty personnel and their families.

Burying the True Costs

At the end of the deal, many shoppers realize the quoted costs and payments don’t match the final numbers. That’s because dealers often hide fees or exclude important expenses from their initial pricing.

Under CARS, dealers must disclose the full “offering price” that includes all costs except basic government fees like registration. They must also outline the total price if they’re advertising monthly payments.

The New Road Ahead

The National Auto Dealers Association is crying foul over the new rules, claiming the FTC overstepped. But most consumer advocates are cheering the long-overdue crackdown on anti-buyer behaviors that have become standard practice at too many dealerships.

Once CARS is enacted, the FTC estimates it will save car buyers over $3.4 billion and 72 million hours per year in headaches. Dealers who play fair will also benefit by no longer losing business to competitors using deception as a sales tactic.

While the new rule can’t completely remove the stress of car buying, it should eliminate some of the shadiest schemes that consumer advocates have been calling foul on for decades. Emerging from the dealership without feeling cheated? That will be a nice change of pace in 2024.

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Barcelona 1-4 Paris St-Germain (Agg: 4-6): Kylian Mbappe scores twice as PSG reach last four




PSG players celebrate
Paris St-Germain are into their first Champions League semi-final in three years

Kylian Mbappe scored twice as Paris St-Germain thrashed Barcelona to turn around a first-leg deficit and reach the semi-finals of the Champions League.

PSG had trailed 3-2 after the first leg in France but took advantage of an early Barcelona sending off to secure their place in the last four for the first time since 2021.

Luis Enrique’s side face a semi-final against Borussia Dortmund, who beat Atletico Madrid 5-4 on aggregate in a thrilling encounter in Germany.

The semi-final first leg takes place on 30 April with the second leg on 7 May.

More to follow.

helpHow to play

Rate players out of 10 throughout or after the game. The rater will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Rating range key1 = Give it up10 = Pure perfection


  1. Squad number1Player nameter Stegen

  2. Squad number23Player nameKoundé

  3. Squad number4Player nameAraujo

  4. Squad number33Player nameCubarsí

  5. Squad number2Player nameJoão Cancelo

  6. Squad number8Player namePedri

  7. Squad number22Player nameGündogan

  8. Squad number21Player nameF de Jong

  9. Squad number27Player nameYamal

  10. Squad number9Player nameLewandowski

  11. Squad number11Player nameRaphinha

  1. Squad number5Player nameMartínez

  2. Squad number7Player nameF Torres

  3. Squad number14Player nameJoão Félix

  4. Squad number32Player nameLópez

Paris Saint Germain

  1. Squad number99Player nameG Donnarumma

  2. Squad number2Player nameHakimi

  3. Squad number5Player nameMarquinhos

  4. Squad number21Player nameHernández

  5. Squad number25Player nameNuno Mendes

  6. Squad number33Player nameZaïre-Emery

  7. Squad number17Player nameVitinha

  8. Squad number8Player nameRuiz

  9. Squad number10Player nameDembélé

  10. Squad number7Player nameMbappé

  11. Squad number29Player nameBarcola

  1. Squad number4Player nameUgarte

  2. Squad number11Player nameAsensio

  3. Squad number19Player nameLee Kang-in

  4. Squad number23Player nameKolo Muani



Formation 4-3-3

  • 1ter Stegen
  • 23Koundé
  • 4AraujoBooked at 29mins
  • 33Cubarsí
  • 2CanceloSubstituted forJoão Félixat 82′minutes
  • 8PedriSubstituted forF Torresat 62′minutes
  • 22GündoganBooked at 64mins
  • 21F de JongSubstituted forLópezat 82′minutesBooked at 90mins
  • 27YamalSubstituted forMartínezat 34′minutesBooked at 40mins
  • 9LewandowskiBooked at 50mins
  • 11RaphinhaBooked at 90mins


  • 5Martínez
  • 7F Torres
  • 13Peña Sotorres
  • 14João Félix
  • 17Alonso
  • 18Romeu
  • 19Roque Ferreira
  • 26Astralaga
  • 30Casadó
  • 32López
  • 38Guiu
  • 39Fort


Formation 4-3-3

  • 99G DonnarummaBooked at 87mins
  • 2Hakimi
  • 5MarquinhosBooked at 62mins
  • 21Hernández
  • 25Nuno Mendes
  • 33Zaïre-EmerySubstituted forUgarteat 80′minutes
  • 17Vitinha
  • 8RuizBooked at 45minsSubstituted forAsensioat 77′minutes
  • 10DembéléSubstituted forKolo Muaniat 88′minutes
  • 7MbappéBooked at 40mins
  • 29BarcolaSubstituted forLee Kang-inat 77′minutes


  • 1Navas
  • 4Ugarte
  • 9Gonçalo Ramos
  • 11Asensio
  • 15Danilo
  • 19Lee Kang-in
  • 23Kolo Muani
  • 26Mukiele
  • 28Soler
  • 35Lopes Beraldo
  • 37Skriniar
  • 80Tenas

István Kovács

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Magnitude 2.8 earthquake reported in View Park-Windsor Hills




A magnitude 2.8 earthquake was reported Tuesday at 8:19 a.m. Pacific time in Los Angeles’ View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake‘s epicenter was 7.1 miles beneath the intersection of Overland Drive and Northridge Drive, near Windsor Hills Elementary School. .

In the last 10 days, there have been no earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby.

An average of 59 earthquakes with magnitudes between 2.0 and 3.0 occur per year in the Greater Los Angeles area, according to a recent three-year data sample.

Did you feel this earthquake? Consider reporting what you felt to the USGS.

Are you ready for when the Big One hits? Get ready for the next big earthquake by signing up for our Unshaken newsletter, which breaks down emergency preparedness into bite-sized steps over six weeks. Learn more about earthquake kits, which apps you need, Lucy Jones’ most important advice and more at

This story was automatically generated by Quakebot, a computer application that monitors the latest earthquakes detected by the USGS. A Times editor reviewed the post before it was published. If you’re interested in learning more about the system, visit our list of frequently asked questions.


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Justice Thomas returns to Supreme Court after 1-day absence




WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is back on the bench after an unexplained one-day absence.

Thomas, 75, was in his usual seat, to the right of Chief Justice John Roberts as the court met to hear arguments in a case about the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

Thomas has ignored calls from some progressive groups to step aside from cases involving Jan. 6 because his wife, Ginni, attended then-President Donald Trump‘s rally near the White House before protesters descended on the Capitol. Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist, also texted senior Trump administration officials in the weeks after the election offering support and reiterating her belief that there was widespread fraud in the election.

On Monday, Roberts announced Thomas’ absence, without providing an explanation. Justices sometimes miss court, but participate remotely. Thomas did not take part in Monday’s arguments.

He was hospitalized two years ago with an infection, causing him to miss several court sessions. He took part in the cases then, too.

Thomas is the longest serving of the current justices, joining the Supreme Court in 1991.


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