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Introducing My Curated Art Collection for Minted Rare Editions



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For me, travel is the ultimate way to unlock inspiration. Shifting my environment and immersing myself in an entirely different culture helps me see the world through a new lens. When I return home, I’m energized and excited to incorporate a fresh aesthetic into my space. And my family’s recent trip to Ibiza achieved exactly that. The sun-bleached color palette, works by Spanish abstract expressionists, and vibrant beaches—all of it was a feast for the senses. It was the exact creative inspiration I was craving. And, I got to put it into play as I curated my new Rare Editions Collection collaboration with Minted.

I approach design with the idea that whatever I bring into my home should be beautiful, functional, and meaningful. (It’s ideal if I can check all three boxes.) Minted’s Rare Editions Collection aligns perfectly with that approach. As a capsule collection with a limited run of one-of-a-kind works, Minted makes it simple to curate a narrative of purpose, connection, and beauty through art.

And though decorating with art is an easy and impactful way to elevate your home, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you create exactly the right look for you. Ahead, I’m diving into tips and tricks for sourcing meaningful art and how to style it in your home. Be sure to read to the end, where I’m diving into all my favorite pieces from Minted’s Rare Editions Collection and the inspiring stories behind the works.

Minted Rare Edition Collection
Camille Styles Minted Rare Edition Collection

How to Source Meaningful Art

I get it: shopping for art can be intimidating. So many of us often get bogged down by the question of whether or not something’s “good.” PSA: That’s entirely subjective—and up to you to decide. To source and shop for art that adds character to my home and infuses my walls with personality, I lean into my intuition to guide the way. I’m sharing my process and tips below for finding the perfect pieces for your space.

  1. Practice patience. Finding the right piece takes time. Full stop. When you have blank walls staring you in the face, it can be tempting to pick up any old piece. But finding meaningful art shouldn’t be seen as a means to an end. Instead, embrace the process. Art is a beautiful opportunity to express your tastes—allow yourself to lean into that journey of discovery and the creativity you’ll explore along the way.
  2. Trust your gut. Again, it comes back to your intuition. We can spend so much time questioning the purpose or meaning of a piece when instead, it’s often as simple as noticing how it makes you feel. Does it captivate you, stir up emotion, or spark inspiration? If so, take that as a sign to follow.
  3. Reflect on the emotions a piece evokes. As they say: when you know, you know. When I come across a work that I can’t get out of my head, I take that as a sign. If you love the piece on its own, think about how much joy it’ll bring you every time you see it in your home.

Tips for Styling Art in Your Home

Remember: your home is a reflection not only of your unique taste but the experiences you’ve amassed over the years. When styling art, I’m always after a look that feels dynamic and layered but complementary and harmonious to the rest of my home. It’s a balance of making a statement with bold pieces and paring back to create intimate vignettes. These are my go-to tips for styling art in your home.

Use a cohesive color palette as your foundation

Who doesn’t love a mood board? Before taking on any project, I like to first develop a look and feel. To do this, I start with a few words that represent the ultimate look I want to achieve. When it came to curating my Rare Editions Collection with Minted, I wanted the pieces to reflect a sun-bleached palette, leaning into shapes inspired by sensual curves and terra cotta.

From there, I gathered images that represented these words and composed them into a mood board. (See image above.) Think of it as a road map to provide further insight into the pieces you select—and how you’ll style them in your home.

Nope, it’s not just a fleeting trend of the 2010s. Gallery walls let you be playful with your styling, and the best balance a pull toward maximalism with a cohesive, grounding feel. I also love that gallery walls let you incorporate both beautiful pieces and those that might lean more nostalgic (such as family photos). Again, this is where your mood board will be important—because you’ll be styling several pieces in one space, it can become cluttered quickly. Remember the look you want to achieve and let that lead the way.

Create a focal point

Much of styling art depends on your ability to capture the eye and focus the gaze. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I love hanging large statement pieces above my living room fireplace or over my bed. (Peep my house tour for a visual.) Because of the size and scale, whatever piece you select will influence the feel of your space—creating impact while still feeling streamlined.

Go beyond the wall

This is one of my favorite styling tricks. So often, we think art belongs exclusively on our walls, but it can be fun and give a fresh feel to your space to hang or lean art in unexpected ways. Y’all know I love a styled bookshelf moment, and layering smaller pieces alongside decorative objects (such as bowls, vases, and books) is a simple way to add character and interest. You can also prop pieces up on the mantel or lean it against a shelf in the kitchen. And don’t be afraid to hang art in unexpected places. Anything from the laundry room to the guest bath are all fair game.

My Rare Editions Collection for Minted

And now, let’s dive into my Rare Editions Collection with Minted! As a brand dedicated to showcasing innovative work by independent artists all over the world, teaming up with Minted was the perfect way to bring resonant, meaningful pieces to my home—and share these works with you.

What makes this collection so special, beyond the stunning works themselves? To start, each piece is part of a limited run, meaning that you’re one of only five people with the work in your home. What’s more, they each feature the artist’s signature in graphite pencil and are uniquely numbered. Lastly, I love how much care and attention was given to the framing. Each work features a handmade frame selected in a finish that best complements the piece.

All of these elements come together to create a thoughtful, considered collection that honors the intention woven into each of the works. Ahead, learn more about the pieces I selected for my capsule collection as well as the inspiring stories behind the artists who created them.

Ilana Greenberg

Brooklyn-based painter, illustrator, and graphic designer Ilana Greenberg pairs minimal, clean forms with nods to imperfection. She describes her work as urban vintage, culling inspiration from mid-century artists as well as her surrounding environment.

The Work: Perfect Composition Original Artwork

I immediately connected with this piece’s emphasis on black and white sensual shapes. My office was the perfect place to house it—contrasting the painting’s bold, geometric forms with the room’s softer palette.

Kamala Nahas

Based in Southern California, Kamala Nahas has always connected with photography’s ability to capture perspective and represent our experience. She excels in spontaneous compositions, responding to her senses and emotions to construct a moment. Rather than documenting a place, she sets out to capture its essence and how its elements makes her feel.

The Work: Twilight Palms

Kamala’s process in capturing this photograph speaks to the care and consideration she gives all of her work. She first took the image using a 1970’s era Polaroid SX-70 instant camera. Then, she gently separated the photograph’s layers by hand to reveal the image within. Using water again, she transferred the thin emulsion to heavy cotton fine art paper and finished it with a UV resistant varnish. For Kamala, it’s evident that the exploration and experimentation inherent in creating a piece is just as exciting as the final, visual result.

This piece’s smaller dimension lends itself well to an intimate corner. I hung it next to the window to complement the soft sunlight trickling through the curtains, and placing it above a rubber plant further emphasizes its verdant, nature-driven feel.

Seashore Findings by Bethania Lima

Bethania Lima

Brazilian surface designer Bethania Lima is passionate about pattern, color, and design. Having lived in Chile for the past decade, she recently relocated to Uruguay. She’s currently exploring the ups and downs of a freelance career, attributing much of her success to the loving support of family and friends.

The Work: Seashore Findings

I saw a Matisse exhibit a few months back that showcased many of his cutouts. I immediately fell in love with the organic shapes and vibrant colors. This piece resonated with me in the same way, drawing me in through its layered hues and varied, but harmonious forms. I propped it up on my living room bookshelf to infuse a little color into the space and to play up the patina of my favorite clay vessels and vases.

What We Will Become by Jennifer Daily

Jennifer Daily

Jennifer Daily has been painting and designing since she was a teenager. Now, with a degree in Graphic Design, she creates pieces that draw inspiration from the Bay Area’s vibrant cultures and varied climates. Her pieces lean on simplified forms and neutral color palettes to communicate her push for fewer distractions in both her art and life.

The Work: What We Will Become

“A life can be seen as the process of unfolding,” Jennifer writes. Moment to moment, we surprise ourselves by all there is to discover along the path of growth. This is how Jennifer approaches every work—asking “what if” to drive at new desires, new paintings, and new ways of being. I hung this in the corner of our bedroom to echo the soft, light wood of the bed frame. It has a calming and grounding effect that’s exactly the vibe I’m going for.

Caryn Owen

Caryn Owen is an inspiring multi-hyphenate, having balanced her art with motherhood and a career as a marine biology professor for years. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Caryn left the field in 2014 when she dove into art full-time. Specializing in acrylic paint on canvas, Caryn focuses her work on abstract landscapes and botanicals as well as pure abstract expressionist paintings that explore the boundaries of color.

The Work: Santa Cruz Seascape

This vibrant abstract landscape is painted on stretched canvas, connecting the viewer to the energetic quality of Northern California’s coast. As a self-professed colorist, Caryn seeks to represent the intensity of color in lieu of literal forms. I immediately connected with this piece’s layered colors—a reminder that nature is often more layered and contains greater depth than we initially see.

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5 Tips to Build More Confidence, According to a Confidence Coach



I’ve always felt like the wrong kind of person. I was halfway through Annabel Monaghan’s beach read, Summer Romance when I came across these words. Up until this point, the book had been breezy and light—an entertaining escape from my every day. But I stopped when I came to that sentence, arrested by its truth and resonance. Like many, I’ve always felt a bit awkward and unsure of what to say or how to act in social situations. It’s why I’ve always leaned into etiquette, understanding the arbitrary rules as a roadmap for life. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the importance of trusting my own capabilities and embracing a quiet sort of confidence. For guidance, I sought answers in a confidence coach—and I’m obsessed with what she shared.

Featured image from our interview with Iskra Lawrence by Michelle Nash.

How to Be Confident—Tips From a Confident Coach Herself

For women especially, confidence—or a lack thereof—extends to every part of our lives. It defines how we feel about our bodies, our friendships, and our careers (imposter syndrome, anyone?). And because we’ve been conditioned to make ourselves smaller in every sense, connecting with our innate sense of confidence not only feels like a challenge. Much of the time, it can seem impossible.

I connected with Daniela Russo, a life and confidence coach based in Amsterdam, not only because of her expertise and training, but what her personal story reveals about the reality of confidence. When I ask Russo what her journey with confidence has looked like, she describes an experience that many women can relate to. She remembers not feeling special or “good enough.”

But she had always worked hard in pursuit of her goals, and when she moved to Rome for university, her efforts began paying off. Pairing her goals with an action plan—a method fixed on plan A, plan B, etc.—she had proof that making her dreams come true required the “right effort and determination.” That, Russo says, is when she started to believe in herself.

It’s evidence that confidence is a practice and something we can all build for ourselves. Ahead, Russo shares tips for finding your unique voice, putting your value forth, and stepping into every area of your life with confidence.

Daniela Russo Confidence Coach

Daniela Russo

Daniela Russo is a Life Coach coach based in Amsterdam. After a successful career as lawyer and more than 15 years working around the world in humanitarian aid organizations she decided to dedicate myself to the coaching business and help people in their quest of meaning. She is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, using a combination of NLP techniques, tests, exercises and guided meditations. Over the past years, she has supported hundreds of people to find more clarity in their life and reconnect with themselves, increasing the sense of confidence and trust in their own abilities. Daniela has worked with entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, coaches, teachers and people from different backgrounds.

How do you define confidence? What does life feel like when you’re living in the realm of confidence?

There are so many misconceptions about confidence. It’s often conflated with self-esteem or thought to be an innate personality trait. (Either you’re born with it or you’re not.) But Russo defines it perfectly, telling me that “confidence is not something you have—it’s something you create.” And to the skeptics, she adds this uplifting note: you can create confidence at any moment.

“Confidence is a sense of power within yourself, a sense of certainty that you can do it,” Russo asserts. She adds that no one has a baseline, constant confidence. Instead, she describes the key as being able to turn it on and tap into your confidence when you need it.

The Success Cycle and the Power of Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are one of the key factors that impact your confidence, says Russo. If you’re well-equipped to do something but say to yourself: I’ve never done this before so I probably won’t succeed, it’s unlikely that you’ll tap into your potential.

She relates this to the Success Cycle, which is a model for explaining why success begets more success and failure breeds failure. Russo illustrates the momentum behind your beliefs and how it can get you on the path to success—and stay there.

When you fail, your brain will look back on this moment as proof—essentially saying See, I told you. That begins to build a cycle and can establish a reinforcing belief pattern. Your brain points back to that experience as truth, and in turn, you believe less in yourself and becomes all the more challenging to engage your potential and take action. “You get even worse results,” says Russo, “and now you’re truly locked into the downward spiral.”

But, she’s quick to add—this also works in the reverse. “When you know you’ll succeed, you will tap into more potential and take more action. From there, you get great results.”

Just as the Success Cycle can push you further into the cycle of failure, it can also yield positive results. “At this point, your belief system says, I will be successful at whatever I do. Whatever I do will yield great results.

“Your beliefs become even stronger. Now that you’re in that success cycle, it will drive you to a whole new level. That’s how beliefs are formed.”

What can people expect from working with a confidence coach?

“A confidence coach can help you stop doubting yourself and your abilities,” says Russo. She notes several of the other benefits of working with a confidence coach:

  • You can learn to set clear boundaries and improve your communication skills.
  • You can face daily challenges with ease.
  • You may feel happier in life and more fulfilled in your career.
  • You’ll learn how to better control your emotions, and overcome fears and limiting beliefs.
  • By the end of the coaching process, you will care less about what others think of you.

Signs You May Need to Work With a Confidence Coach

  • You compare yourself to others and feel your peers are better than you.
  • You feel insecure about yourself and doubt your abilities despite any successes.
  • You put pressure on yourself to meet your very high standards.
  • You are often afraid to speak up in meetings at work and are scared of being judged.
  • You have high expectations for yourself and even small mistakes make you question your competence.

5 Tips for Leveling Up Your Confidence, According to a Confidence Coach

Ahead, Russo shares her top five tips to help you build confidence. From there, you can experience the personal growth and professional success that a belief in yourself can bring. Once you cultivate confidence, you can approach life with certainty and lean into the joy and expansion behind every challenge.

1. Stop seeking approval

Stop seeking approval and validation. The more you seek it, the less you get it. Confident people don’t care what others think about them. Approval-seeking behavior is normal to a certain extent, but the problem begins when you start comparing yourself to other people. You will always find somebody who is better than you.

Accept that no matter what you do, somebody won’t like you. Rejection is part of your life, it’s inevitable. You will never get everyone’s validation and approval (and trying to do so can be destructive).

Make it happen: Instead, of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself against yourself. Are you doing your best? What progress have you made?

Molly Sims reading

2. Push Your Comfort Zone

One of the most important traits of successful people is the willingness to push their comfort zone. Are they afraid? Sure!

Whenever you push your comfort zone you expand it.

Your comfort zone is just like a muscle—you can’t grow it without a little bit of sweat. Whenever you do something that scares you, you make that fear smaller and become more and more comfortable with the uncomfortable. Most successful people are willing to take calculated risks and accept that certain situations will make them feel uncomfortable. However, they are aware that the potential reward is much bigger than the temporary discomfort. Become that person.

Make it happen: What is one activity that scares you? Identify it and make a conscious decision to do it. Set the time and face that fear.

3. Pay attention to your body language

Pay attention to your posture and be conscious of your body language. Instead of slouching, looking down, or not maintaining eye contact, try consciously standing straight. Hold your head up. When you walk, always walk with a sense of direction. These small changes can dramatically impact the way you feel.

Make it happen: Pay attention to how you feel when you maintain good posture. Take note of your energy and how much more confident you feel. The next time you’re tempted to cross your arms or slouch, consciously take note and switch to a more confident, open posture.

4. Emulate Confident People

Speak the way they speak. Dress the way they dress. Move the way they move. Modeling is based on the concept that there is no point in reinventing the wheel unless necessary. If you are trying to do something that someone else has already accomplished, don’t try to be original simply for the sake of it. Instead, learn from the best and let their path to success inspire you.

Make it happen: Think of someone you admire whose successes mirror the milestones you’d like to achieve. For example: someone who has built a flourishing business, run a marathon, or written a book. Study their path to success and commit to learning from it. What worked for them? How can you use that information to lay the groundwork for your own journey?

5. Make a promise to yourself and keep it

You can start with something small—something simple that you know you’re going to deliver on. Celebrate when you accomplish that thing. Speak to yourself out loud, acknowledging that you set out to do it and you did. This helps you build credibility with yourself.

Make it happen: Pick something you can do by the end of the day. Write it on your to-do list and prioritize it. At the end of your day, lean into that sense of accomplishment and let it build the momentum for further success.

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15 Home Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space



If I had to pick one single, solitary rule for my home, it would be to banish overhead lighting. It’s harsh, reminiscent of a doctor’s office, and lacks any sort of warmth or coziness. Not to mention this light can make you look like a spooky ghost, thanks to the shadows it casts over your head. In other words, not cute.

Featured image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s California farmhouse.

15 Home Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Interior lighting trends in 2024 aim for a soft glow, no matter what room you decide to be in. Layered lighting, or using different light sources in one space, is in. Switching up decor and furniture is, of course, one way to refresh your space, but lighting can completely transform the vibe and not be overlooked. If you’re curious about infusing your space with a new, cozy ambience—check out these home lighting ideas, room by room. 


Camille Styles kitchen with pendant lighting.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is not a new home lighting idea—you almost always see them over a kitchen island. But this year, opting for a pendant light with personality is definitely the way to go. In 2024, sculptural statement pieces, oversized pendants, woven materials (hello rattan!) and retro style lighting fixtures are all trending. Not sure what style to embrace? The beauty of pendants is that they’re easy to install and uninstall, so they can change just as simply as your style evolves.  

Small table lamps

Placing a small lamp on your kitchen counter is not only adorable, but the light is great too. A mini lamp can be plugged in, or you could opt for a battery operated lamp as well. I have one from Target tucked into a corner of my kitchen, equipped with a Smart bulb that automatically turns on at sunrise every morning. The soft glow from the lamp is so much nicer than the bright, overhead light my kitchen came equipped with—especially early in the morning. There’s nothing like the cozy glow of a mini lamp when I’m making my morning coffee, or whipping up some pre-workout before I head to the gym.

Another plus? Mini lamps don’t have to be expensive. Just be sure to place them in a spot where they won’t be splattered with food while cooking or preparing!

Toe kick lighting

Toe kick lights are ideal for late night snackers or very early risers. These lights can be installed at the bottom of your kitchen cabinets, illuminating the floor so you can see where you’re going without turning on a larger, harsher light. Filling your water before going back to bed just got a lot more pleasant! You can install this yourself with a strip of LED lights with an adhesive backing.


Camille Styles' backyard

Cordless table lamps

I’ve been seeing mini cordless table lamps all over my social media, and they’re always part of outdoor tablescapes. These mini lamps are battery operated and adorable, and most have brightness settings that can be switched just by tapping the base of the lamp. They emit a soft and subtle glow and create a cozy ambience, just like a restaurant would. Think of it like a candle at the center of your table, it’s just a mini lamp instead!

String lights

There’s nothing more charming than strings of lights overhead as you lounge outdoors. Transform your outdoor space with LED string lights. Be generous and include as many as you like—let it be your only source of outdoor lighting. Solar-powered LED string lights are also a great home lighting idea, especially if you live somewhere with reliable sun. They don’t need to be plugged in and you don’t even need to turn them off and on. I have a string or two on my balcony and they create a magical vibe, even just by admiring them indoors. 

Pathway lights

Not only are pathway lights beautiful, but they are also great for safety reasons. Dot your backyard paths with lights so you and your guests can see where they’re going. You could even get Smart pathway lights with motion sensors for both safety and energy efficiency. More and more, we’re seeing homeowners put just as much effort into their outdoor spaces as their indoor ones, and pathway lights can guide you into your own little backyard oasis. 


Molly Madifs bathroom

Backlit mirrors

There are many home lighting ideas for the bathroom, but one that’s making waves this year are illuminated bathroom mirrors. Backlit mirrors cast light evenly throughout your entire face, making make-up application easy, not to mention a very accurate reflection of yourself. These mirrors come equipped with lights that surround the perimeter, and they give the entire bathroom a polished and unique look. 

Statement chandeliers

If you think chandeliers are reserved only for entryways and dining rooms—think again. These statement lighting fixtures are now making their way into bathrooms. Is there anything more chic than a chandelier over a soaking tub?  Be sure to install them with warm white bulbs and even better if they can be on a dimmer as well!  

Living room inspired lighting

Ever since the pandemic, bathrooms are becoming cozier and cozier. Creating a spa-like environment is top of mind for many. Now we’re seeing bathrooms become even more welcoming with lighting you traditionally see in a living room. Think table lamps on counters and vanities, and pretty pendants and sconces. Don’t be afraid to lean into your creativity and layer lighting so the bathroom becomes a place you want to spend time in. It’s so much easier to romanticize your morning routine when you’re surrounded with soft light!

Living Room

Camille Styles living room.

Sculptural floor lamps

Living room home lighting ideas include a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting throughout your space. Floor lamps are wonderful for living rooms, and they make a statement whether they’re on or off. Going for a sculptural floor lamp will create a statement, while also providing cozy light, making your living room all the more inviting. 

Table lamps

Instead of relying on one large overhead light, a small collection of table lamps will create a warm and inviting environment. Place them on side tables or nearby cabinets and definitely include one in a reading nook or cozy corner. The gentle, soothing light is ideal for relaxing, lounging, and chatting with friends—perfect for a living room. 

Gallery lighting fixtures can go above your framed art, offering a subtle glow to your beloved pieces. Using light to highlight certain design aspects of your home can help draw attention to specific spaces. In addition to art, picture lights are great on top of bookshelves or in place of where you’d put a sconce. 



Home lighting ideas for the bedroom are all about creating a calm environment. Layered light is key, and scones over nightstands create a cozy, ambient light that’s perfect for bedtime. Sconces mount on the wall and are ideal if you’d like a little more space on the surface of your nightstand. Choose a sconce over a bedside table lamp to maximize space and embrace your own personal style too. 

Salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps emit a warm, subtle glow that is perfect for bedtime. Soft, warm light can help you relax and unwind from the day—all while promoting a good night’s rest. They look gorgeous resting on a dresser or a nightstand, or if you prefer, they even have salt lamp nightlights and bulbs. 

Headboard lighting

Ambient light at the back of your headboard? Yes, please! Last year, Sleep Number rolled out beds that included lighting features built in, like reading lights and headboard lights. You can adjust how bright the headboard lights are so you can unwind and even wake up with ease. The lights are at the back end of the headboard, so light emits on the wall behind, creating a cozy effect. If you’re not in the market for a new headboard, installing LED strip lights can also give you a similar effect!

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29 Fruit Desserts for Sweet Summer Gatherings



In a world of ultra-rich treats packed with loads of sugar, it’s easy to forget that some of the tastiest sweets come from fresh, nutrient-filled ingredients. Fruit desserts are my go-to—especially after a heavy meal or during summer. But! It’s time to explore an option that won’t leave you with a sugar crash in the hours to follow. From sweet fruit salads to elegant tarts, these fruit desserts prove your post-dinner snack can be indulgent and virtuous.

The Best Fruit Desserts to Make Right Now

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no—fruit desserts aren’t just a couple of strawberries plopped on a piece of vanilla cake. These desserts are the real deal. While this list contains plenty of quick and easy options, these are fruit desserts that will leave your dinner guests begging for the recipe. If you’re ready for a lighter, indulgent experience, look no further than these 29 fruit desserts.

Cake Fruit Desserts

strawberry cake with mascarpone cream_fruit desserts

Strawberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream

Why We Love It: Contrary to popular belief, strawberries aren’t in season during the peak summer heat. Nevertheless, they make for a stunning addition to fruit desserts any time of the year. The tart and sweet fruit is the star of this cake, accented with creamy mascarpone and fluffy angel food cake.

Hero Ingredient: I’ll find a way to eat these macerated strawberries on everything.

grain-free lemon raspberry cake

Grain-Free Lemon Raspberry Cake

Why We Love It: As we all know, good gluten-free desserts are hard to come by. Luckily, we have a plethora of options when it comes to keeping things GF, including this cake with fresh lemon zest and frozen raspberries. This cake’s incredible texture is brought to you by whole milk ricotta, keeping this sponge light, moist, and rich.

Hero Ingredient: Sliced almonds are the perfect crunchy topping for this flavorful cake.

no-bake lemon icebox cake

No-Bake Lemon Icebox Cake

Why We Love It: No-bake desserts are a go-to for several reasons. Sometimes, they’re the quicker and more convenient option when my schedule is jam-packed. At other times, it’s just too hot outside to bake at all! Light and tangy with citrus and a whipped cream frosting, there’s nothing not to love about this lemon icebox cake.

Hero Ingredient: Orange zest allows the fruity flavors to come through in this soft and sweet cake.

gluten-free citrus cake with strawberries and cardamom coconut cream

Gluten-Free Citrus Cake with Strawberries and Cardamom Coconut Cream

Why We Love It: When I said we had an abundance of gluten-free desserts here at Camille Styles, I meant it. Topped with freshly sliced strawberries and a to-die-for spiced cardamom coconut cream, this cake is perfect for keeping things GF while still bringing great flavors to the table.

Hero Ingredient: Alison Carroll recommends massaging your sugar and citrus zest together for a sweet and colorful burst of flavor.

blueberry almond coffee cake

Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake

Why We Love It: Coffee cakes have so much going for them. As a bit of a coffee fanatic, I love any opportunity to construct a dessert that pairs perfectly with my morning (or afternoon) brew. The nuttiness from the almond extract and the walnuts in the streusel act as the perfect base for the addition of fresh blueberries.

Hero Ingredient: Definitely don’t miss out on the brown sugar streusel to top this coffee cake.

citrus upside down cake

Citrus Upside Down Cake

Why We Love It: I strive to curate a dessert that’s stunning enough to be the centerpiece of any dinner table, and this upside-down cake topped with vibrantly colored citrus does just that. While the typical upside-down cake can be intimidating for beginner bakers—never fear. This recipe uses parchment paper as the secret hack for a non-stick baking process.

Hero Ingredient: Buttermilk helps this cake stay moist and fluffy.

Cobbler and Pie Fruit Desserts

cherry-berry ice cream pie_fruit desserts

Cherry-Berry Ice Cream Pie

Why We Love It: Ice cream and fresh fruit are a pairing unlike any other in the realm of fruit desserts. It’s an easy way to make your post-dinner bite refreshing, while still being sweet and satisfying. This ice cream pie with cherries and berries is perfect for serving summer crowds, and it gets bonus points for only requiring five ingredients.

Hero Ingredient: A graham cracker crust is a must.

peach tarte tatin

Peach Tarte Tatin

Why We Love It: This summer, I’ve been obsessed with Claire Ptak’s take on the classic apple tarte tatin. In her version, she uses in-season fresh peaches alongside a light and fluffy puff pastry (store-bought or homemade). With a peach leaf custard accented with nutty almond flavors, this fruit dessert is simply a gem.

Hero Ingredient: Picking ripe, yet firm peaches is key for the best tarte tatin.

plout galette

Pluot Galette

Why We Love It: When I first discovered this recipe, brought to us by Camilla Marcus, I was stunned by all of the savory and tart flavors that pluots could bring to a dessert. It’s the perfect sweet for when you want something without a thick pastry dough. To prevent your delicate galette from becoming soggy, brush the interior with egg whites before adding your filling.

Hero Ingredient: Crème fraiche to top is the perfect addition.

raspberry mascarpone tartlets

Raspberry Mascarpone Tartlets

Why We Love It: If tarts are more your style, these tartlets may be the perfect dessert for you. They require a bit of attention and care, but the end result is worth the effort. You can whip and chill your mascarpone in advance to save time, making day-of assembly less of a hassle.

Hero Ingredient: This recipe’s pistachio praline is top-notch.

walnut and honey olive oil cake

Walnut and Honey Olive Oil Cake

Why We Love It: If you’ve never tried an olive oil cake, now is your chance to indulge in this rich and decadent dessert. The olive oil flavor you’d expect isn’t the highlight of this dessert—it simply helps to keep this cake moist while other flavors shine through.

Hero Ingredient: Candied citrus of any variety is an automatic yes for me.

rhubarb meringue cake

Rhubarb Meringue Cake

Why We Love It: This fruit dessert highlights one of the most unique and underrated seasonal fruits—rhubarb! This elegant treat is the perfect combination of moist cake, vibrant rhubarb filling, and a range of textures that transport you to a sunny day with every bite.

Hero Ingredient: Rhubarb, duh!

gluten-free strawberry shortcake_fruit desserts

Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake

Why We Love It: With the perfect flaky biscuits that rival your typical wheat-based shortcake, these strawberry shortcakes are layered with fresh, juicy strawberries and whipped cream. It’s the perfect twist on a classic summer dessert that keeps things both delicious and gluten-free.

Hero Ingredient: A high-quality GF flour can take your shortcake to the next level.

mango cardamom icebox cake

Mango Cardamom Icebox Cake

Why We Love It: Our food editor, Suruchi, absolutely nailed the perfect no-bake summer dessert with this mango icebox cake. With a pistachio crumble and fruit-filled layers, it’s a balanced treat with plenty of sweet, salty, and savory to go around.

Hero Ingredient: I would eat this cardamom cream on every dessert.

warm apple tart

Easier Than Pie Warm Apple Tart

Why We Love It: This warm apple tart is a perfect blend of comforting flavors that create a show-stopping appearance. It’s a classic dessert that’s typically enjoyed warm—perfect for settling down indoors after a day in the sun.

Hero Ingredient: A sprinkle of cinnamon goes well with the tart apple flavor.

apple ginger pie_fruit desserts

Apple Ginger Pie

Why We Love It: Just because this pie recipe is perfectly fitting for the fall months doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed year-round. For this particular pie, feel free to opt for a store-bought pie crust to save a bit of time, but for the best results, try blind-baking your crust with the filling to avoid a soggy base.

Hero Ingredient: Minced ginger is the unexpected (and highly underrated) complement to this classic dessert.

Healthy Fruit Desserts

summer fruit salad

Summer Fruit Salad

Why We Love It: Now I know this fruit dessert might not fit the image you have of a typical fruit salad—trust me when I say that this recipe is ten times better. With a simple, low-effort meringue and a hint of citrus, these personal fruit salads are easy to assemble and serve, and even easier to enjoy.

Hero Ingredient: Honey and fruit are one of my top flavor pairings.

bendita entre los melones

Bendita Entre los Melones

Why We Love It: This recipe is the real deal when it comes to an easy and simple fruit dessert. In her new cookbook Le SudRebekah Peppler shares this simple melon recipe, which only requires one Charentais melon, your sweet wine of choice, and flaky sea salt.

Hero Ingredient: While you can make do with a canteloupe, Peppler recommends the Charentais melon due to its intense aroma.

healthy apple crumble_fruit desserts

Healthy Apple Crumble

Why We Love It: This apple crumble is a fruit dessert that can be enjoyed for practically every meal. If you’re craving fall flavors, look no further. The combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves will leave you wishing for autumn leaves and a warm chai latte.

Hero Ingredient: Coconut sugar sweetens this crumble topping without overwhelming your taste buds.

easy grilled peaches_fruit desserts

Easy Grilled Peaches

Why We Love It: If you haven’t tried grilling your fruit, you’re totally missing out on a delicious way to enjoy your desserts. Drizzle these peaches with a bit of honey (and maybe a bit of vanilla ice cream) for a simple and satisfying treat.

Hero Ingredient: Brushing your peaches with olive oil keeps them from sticking to your grill.

mango lassi popsicles

Mango Lassi Popsicles

Why We Love It: Who doesn’t love a popsicle for dessert? With no kitchen cleanup, these mango lassi pops are perfect for warm weather. They’re made from coconut milk or milk powder, cubed mango, yogurt, and a variety of warm spices.

Hero Ingredient: Garnish with melted white chocolate for a stunning presentation.

More Fruit Desserts You’ll Love

Citrus Olive Oil Muffins

Why We Love It: While these muffins aren’t technically a fruit dessert, they definitely have fruit-based elements thanks to the citrus zest and juice used in their batter. Greek yogurt and any plant-based milk of choice add moisture and flavors that pair well with all the citrus zest.

Hero Ingredient: Edible flowers are the real highlight of these muffins. You can often find them at your local farmer’s market or specialty grocer.

summer fruit fools

Summer Fruit Fools

Why We Love It: Any recipe with only four ingredients captures my attention. These fruit fools keep it simple, using only berries and cream to layer together a time-saving fruit dessert.

Hero Ingredient: Whether thawed or frozen, a variety of berries is a necessity.

easy blackberry cobbler_fruit desserts

Easy Blackberry Cobbler

Why We Love It: Maybe it’s a Southern tradition, but I can’t remember a family gathering without a homemade blackberry cobbler. While crumbling sweet streusel isn’t a requirement for this recipe, I think it has the potential to bring this traditional dish to the next level with an extra touch of texture to the topping.

Hero Ingredient: An ice cream or whipped cream topping is practically a requirement.

raspberry tiramisu

Raspberry Tiramisu

Why We Love It: This raspberry tiramisu is arguably one of our best recipes here at Camille Styles, and it undoubtedly deserves the hype. This no-cook dessert uses raspberry liqueur—in addition to actual raspberries—to contrast the rich chocolate and cream flavors.

Hero Ingredient: Vanilla bean seeds are a baking hack that I never knew I needed until I tried this recipe.

pineapple crumble with black pepper

Pineapple Crumble with Black Pepper

Why We Love It: I love a fruit-filled crumble, and this pineapple version is no exception. For both the pepper and cardamom that are included, freshly ground options are a must for the best flavor. The extra bit of effort is totally worth it in the end.

Hero Ingredient: Don’t knock a pineapple dessert until you try it.

almond blackberry cream pavlova_fruit desserts

Almond Blackberry Cream Pavlova

Why We Love It: If you’re not familiar with pavlova, it’s a simple meringue-based dessert with Australian origins that almost resembles a cake-like structure. In this almond and blackberry version, the tart berries plus the richness of the mascarpone cream are exactly what you need for an elevated and elegant fruit dessert.

Hero Ingredient: Mascarpone is the true hero.

mango curb and rice pudding parfaits

Mango Curb and Rice Pudding Parfaits

Why We Love It: This fruit dessert gets points simply due to its beautiful assembly. However, just because its presentation is lovely doesn’t mean it lacks flavor. Filled with a blend of fruit and sweet rice pudding, it’s a smooth and creamy single-serving snack.

Hero Ingredient: Rosewater brings a herby and floral flavor into this simple dessert.

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